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Festo AirJelly from airshipworld:[embed_code]

Video of the FESTO AirJelly http://www.festo.com/cms/de_de/5890.htm
This new concept of a jelly fish that flies through the air has been presented by Festo at the 2008 Hannover Messe in Germany. Please read out blogpost http://airshipworld.blogspot.com/2008/04/let-jelly-fish-fly-through-air.html for more information.
Copyright by Festo put on Youtube because the Video did not work on the Website


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NEW Battletoads for Wii Commercial OFFICIAL from battletoadspreorder:[embed_code]

http://www.battletoadspreorder.com for Preorder information!

In 1991 Battletoads was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, it revolutionized the side scrolling conflict amphibian genre with it’s advanced graphics, killer soundtrack, and brutal difficulty.

That was then… and THIS IS NOW!

Battletoads is back and badder than ever. With next generation 3d graphics and smokin‘, in your face gameplay, Battletoads will get your blood pumpin‘! Do a barrel roll with Battletoads!

Ten years and over nine thousand man hours went into creating the craziest combat frog adventure since Frogger! Battletoads is back and better than ever!

Now you can beat baddie butt with your Wiimote. Preorder Battletoads for the Nintento Wii today! Visit http://www.battletoadspreorder.com for more information and get a free Wii strap with your preorder.

And coming soon for the Wii Virtual Console – all of your favorite Battletoads classics in one place!

Get ready for Battletoads on the Nintendo Wii: The only game where the good guys croak!

Rated E for Everyone


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The Twitter Song by Alana Taylor from Alana Taylor:[embed_code]

http://www.alanataylor.com (twitter.com/alanataylor)

My guitar is out of tune, I can’t sing very well and the lighting sucks. But here I go anyway!

When I wake up in the morning,
The first thing I see,
Is an e-mail in my Gmail,
Sayin‘ you’re followin‘ me.

And next thing you know,
I’m followin‘ you,
Not everybody does it,
But me and Scoble do.

Cuz Twitter beats Facebook any day,
140 characters is all you need to say.

Cool thing ‚bout Twitter is you meet new people,
You even get to stalk the famous ones too,
We’ve got Veronica Belmont from Mahalo Daily,
Barack Obama and Hugh MacLeod too.


Twitter’s like a family,
As long as you’re not spamming me,
We keep in touch, we share too much,
And @Garyvee meets up for lunch!


But be careful, with you’re iPhone…
Don’t DM the whole worlldddddd