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RCA Show 2008 – World’s Highest Toaster Pop In Slow Motion from digitallifestyles:[embed_code]

See the World’s Highest Toaster Pop In Slow Motion at the RCA MA Show 2008.

At about 22 seconds in you’ll see the toast disappearing out of shot to the left of the screen.

Show on an LG Viewty at 120 fps.

More details on http://digital-lifestyles.info/2008/06/25/highest-popping-toaster-exclusive-video-and-slow-mo-of-record/


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Chicken Head Tracking – Smarter Every Day from SmarterEveryDay:[embed_code]

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Pennywhistle Productions/Smarter Every Day

Chickens have a great ability to keep their heads stable. Our bodies use a gyro-like mechanism in our ears which has 3 mutually orthogonal inertial measurement devices. Modern motion processors use something called an Inertial Measurment Unit (IMU). These devices provide movement data which can be used to compensate for the movement. Chickens apparently have the same type mechanism only with a higher update rate.

*Update* The chickens were eaten by the family dog. WHOOPS! 🙁

*Update #2* Sis and I are shot a music video. If you’re interested search for „Briley brand new key“

*Update #3*
Currently under non-exclusive license to be played on Fuji-TV in Japan. Ha Ha. Who would have thought?

*Update #4* July 10th, 2009 1 MILLION HITS Woo Hoo!

* Update #5 Sep 25th 2013 This idea was used in a commercial by Mercedes: „Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial “

~~~~~~~~ German / Deutsch courtesy of Bursaap ~~~~~
Hühner haben eine bermerkenswertige Fähigkeit ihre Köpfe stabil zu halten. Unsere Körper benutzen ein gyroskopisches Mechanismus das drei gegenseitige senkrechte biomechanische Inertialsensore. Moderne bewegungs Prozessoren benutzen einen sogennanten Inertial Measurement Unit, eine art Inertialsensor. Diese Geräte geben Daten an so dass es möglich ist die Bewegnung auszugleichen. Hühner haben anscheinend das selbe Biomechanismus aber mit höhreren aktualisierungs Häufigkeit.
*Update* Die Hühner wurden bei dem Familienhund gefressen! OOOPS 

*Update #2* Meine Schwester und Ich haben ein Musikvideo aufgenommen. Wenn es Sie interresiert suchen Sie „Briley brand new key“

*Update #3*
Dieses Video wird in Japan auf Fuji-TV Spielen. Ha Ha. Wer hätte es gedacht?

*Update #4* July 10th, 2009 Eine Million hits! Geil!


Instead of saving for my kids‘ college, I make videos using the money I would have saved.
The thought is it will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for their education. Until then if you appreciate what you’ve learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please share the video. If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars towards their college fund by clicking here:

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the Trons – self playing robot band from pieplateindustries:[embed_code]

New Zealand garage robot band http://www.thetrons.com practicing in the lounge. The band are made from old junk and discarded electronics and are controlled by a 15 year old computer salvaged from a vending machine. All songs are original and the instruments standard except for a few drill holes and some motors. They have played heaps of live gigs in New Zealand and also ventured to Europe twice for some shows there.

They’ve just released their first album! and it’s a combined CD and DVD, 10 tracks on the CD and 8 music videos on the DVD including live footage. Check it out on bandcamp at http://thetrons.bandcamp.com, or songs also available for download on iTunes

There are more vids on pieplateindustries channel or check out the website at the top or facebook: http://facebook.com/thetrons