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Mrs Doubtfire – Recut Trailer from YeahBoyProductions:[embed_code]

I made this recut trailer as part of my university course but have always wanted to make one so it was good to finally get this completed. Hope you enjoy watching it, please rate & comment!

The music used:
0:00 – 0:47 Avarice by Hans Zimmer (Hannibal soundtrack)
0:48 – 1:24 Hello Adam by Charlie Clouser (Saw soundtrack)
1:25 – 1:48 Shark Attack by Trevor Rabin (Deep Blue Sea soundtrack)
1:49 – 2:24 Deep Blue Sea trailer music by Trevor Rabin? (Not sure about the title or who its by)

*All footage is property of 20th Century Fox*

Yeah Boy Productions


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What it’s really like to work in a music store from averyellis:[embed_code]

But am I any better? Find out for yourself! Free download of our album at http://www.averyellis.com

p.s.- this is Bailey Brother’s Music Company in Birmingham Alabama.

Alright, I’m just saying this for the folks who take the time to click the ‚down‘ arrow to see more info and want to know the „inside scoop“:

I’m not actually in sales, I’m the warehouse manager. One day, while inventorying guitars I realized that it was so loud in there that I couldn’t think. I picked up my camera and filmed a bit (I’m not an actor, that’s really how I felt; You would know I’m not an actor if you’d seen the films I’m in).
I posted it on my Facebook and got a good reaction from friends. As a result, I did it a few more times as the situation made itself available. My main point regarded the cacophony of sound, NOT the ability of the players, even though some people thought (and still think) I was making fun of talent.
Then it went viral. Honestly the weirdest experience of my life. Suddenly, complete strangers were telling me how much I sucked or rocked based on 20 seconds of my day. I took a lot of the negative personally because I grew up during a time when you talked behind somebody’s back instead of anonymously telling it to their face.
I’ve since come to deal with it. The Google checks help.
I still find it weird that this is how I’ve come to „fame“, but…. I’ll take what I can get. Thank you for watching.


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Barack Obama Schwäbisch – Rede Berlin 2008 – dodokay SWR from dodokayfan:[embed_code]

To all the morons amongst you English speaking people: This is NOT an actual dub, it is a very, very, very funny and completely unpolitical PARODY in German language by our Great Master dodokay, without any doubt done with utter respect for Mr. Obama. Please consider this before opening your abusive blowholes, otherwise I will disable commenting on this video altogether. Germany is not a nation of linguistically challenged retards, and your ignorant point of view reeeeally gets old. I am sure Barack would least approve of all your bitching. Thank you very much.
Und das gilt für euch deutsche Stänkerer genauso! Ich glaub das Video war von dodokay zum Lachen gedacht!


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Star Trek | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim from adultswimdotcouk:[embed_code]

The Star Trek dialithium crystals have been swapped for porn.
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