Ich ein Video von FestoHQ zu meinen YouTube Favoriten hinzugefügt

Festo – AirPenguin from FestoHQ:[embed_code]

http://www.festo.com/cms/de_corp/9780.htm – Autonomes Fliegen im Luftmeer
Selbststeuernd in einem von Ultraschall-Sendern definierten Luftraum. Wendig und manövrierfähig per 3D-Struktur mit Fin Ray Effect® für Front- und Heckpartie.

http://www.festo.com/cms/en_corp/9780.htm – Autonomous flying in a sea of air
Autonomous flying through a defined air space monitored by ultrasound transmission stations. Agile and easily manoeuvrable with a 3D structure which utilises the Fin Ray Effect® at the front and back.


Ich ein Video von bd594 zu meinen YouTube Favoriten hinzugefügt

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix from bd594:[embed_code]

This is dedicated to all fans of Queen.

No effects and no sampling was used. What you see is what you hear (does that even make sense?). Please note intially I wanted to use 4 scanners (one for each singer) but finding these HP scanners was proving to be dificult so I recorded each audio track seperatly.

Atari 800xl and Floppy Drive 0$ (no joke found it sitting on a garbage pile near Queen and Coxwell)
3.5 Inch Hard Drive 0$ (old defective drive)
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card $5 (craigslist)
TI-99/4A and Tape Drive $15 (e-bay)
8 Inch Floppy Drive $20 (a1 electronics)
HP ScanJet 3C $25 (craigslist) Please let me know If you have one for sale and live in the Toronto area.
Eico Oscilloscope $28 (the best deal i ever got on e-bay)
Tektronix TDS210 Oscilloscope (my trusty bench scope)
over 1,000,000 Hits on YouTube – Priceless