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Greg Pattillo – Piano/Flute/Beatbox from freedomworksfilms:[embed_code]

Download the sheet music to this Video!!
„4 Beatbox Flute Etudes by Greg Pattillo“
Transcriptions from YouTube Videos: Hotel Crazyness, Sunday Riffin, Piano/Flute/Beatbox, and J.S Bach – Beatbox Flute – Greg Pattillo (Badiniere)

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PROJECT Trio is:
Greg Pattillo – Flute
Eric Stephenson – Cello
Peter Seymour – Bass


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Internet-Enabled Cat Feeder …powered by Cisco from Mathew Newton:[embed_code]

A homemade Internet-Enabled Cat Feeder…. powered by a Cisco switch. Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‚CatOS‘! 😉

Visit http://www.newtonnet.co.uk/catfeeder for further info, photos and in-depth design details.

Overview of design/operation:

User Interface – A web frontend (sitting on a Linux server running Apache) provides full feeding control from anywhere in the world, along with live video streaming and access to all previous automatically-recorded events (i.e. any motion detected such as food delivery, the cats eating/drinking etc). A ‚lite‘ version of the interface optimised for mobile/PDA access is also available.

Network Interface/Control – A script on the server automatically logs in to a Cisco switch in the kitchen and delivers commands to open/close particular switchports. The switch has been modified such that its port status LEDs also drive the relays on an external motor control board. Power to the board and motor also comes from the switch.

Food Delivery – This is based upon a cereal dispenser driven by a low-revs/high-torque motor. A rubber ‚flapper‘ mechanism delivers consistently-sized portions of food through a metal splitter into two separate bowls. When stationary, the flapper seals the delivery tube in order to maintain food freshness. The tube can be easily extended to accommodate more food.

Operation – The feeder can be controlled interactively via the web interface(s), fully autonomously using cron scheduling, or manually at the lowest level using CLI directly on the switch.

Out-of-band access, in case the Internet connection fails, is also available via a dial-up modem however it if got to this stage then it’s arguably time to call the neighbours in… there’s only so much you should be reliant on technology for!

Visit http://www.newtonnet.co.uk/catfeeder for further info, photos and in-depth design details.


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Beatles 3000 from Zoltarkill:[embed_code]

1000 years in the future, the legacy of John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie remains.


Starring Ryan Mitchell, Perry Smith, Scott Gairdner, Brian Lyman, and Nick Mundy

Royalty-free music provided by http://www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com

Artwork by Erika Deoudes:
Gorlock drawing by Brian Engh:
Sgt. Petsounds cover by Katie Bode: http://www.katiebode.com
Sgt. Petsounds guitar by Perry Smith

Download Sgt. Petsounds mp3 here: