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Pac-Man the Musical: A Pacapella Song (Game Parody) from Random Encounters:[embed_code]

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Everybody’s hungry for something…

(The 4th song in Random Encounters‘ musical parody series!)

An mp3 „album version“ of the song is now available for download at http://db.tt/LeWpQmGJ !

Hi, good evening! Pleased to meet you, my name’s Blinky.
I’m here to dine upon your brains til‘ you are dead.
So now if you wouldn’t mind,
Just stand still for a short time
While I feast upon your tasty yellow head…

Hey buddy, Take it easy! Please don’t eat me!
I got a Missus and a kid at home to feed…
Well, I’ll see what I can do,
But I just may eat them, too!
You wouldn’t hold out on a hungry ghost in need…
So I’ll put you in this pot
And then I’ll fasten on the top,
And at the end, I’ll eat you up!

„Hey guys! What’s going on? Ooh Pac-Man! My favorite!“

There’s nothing so delectable as Pac-Man,
Full of flavorful sensation and succulence!
Be he spicy, sour, or sweet,
„Je dis toujours bon appetit!“
Sautee, flambe, and marinade- Piece de resistance!

I’m just a bit too busy to be dinner.
I got 240 dots I need to munch.
But I’m hungry as a horse…
I can’t wait for second course!
I’ll just have to have myself an early lunch!
I’ll slice and dice and chop
Until you’re minced up yellow slop,
And at the end, I’ll eat you up!

„Sweet! A Pac-Man!“

„I call dibs!“

„Hey, I’ve already made my reservations!“

I’d love a Pac-Man salad– extra Pac, please!
Or a side of Pac-Man fries and ketchup Pacs!
Um, I think this Pac-Man’s mine…
No he’s not!
Look at the time!
Guess I’ll be going–
–Straight down my digestive tract!

We could roast him! We could grill him! We could bake him!
We could cake him!
We could season him with— Parsley! Pepper! Nuts!
We’ll cook Pacman as we please!
He looks like a talking cheese!
And when we’re done, we’ll eat him up!

First we baste him…
Brown and braise him…
Honey glaze him…
Then we taste him!
Then we’ll eat him up!



Ich ein Video von MrDron059 zu meinen YouTube Favoriten hinzugefügt

NONONONO Cat from MrDron059:[embed_code]

Мой кот Маркиз первый раз увидел дочку моего друга.
Он так неистово кричал все время, пока она была у нас в гостях. Это было 7 лет назад и больше не повторялось ни разу. Даже когда она приходила к нам ещё раз, кот просто шипел.