Ich habe bei Soundcloud gerne Smackos & Voltagio – Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Mix von Legowelt Official gehört.

Ambient Trip Space Recreational Drug Use Relaxation DJ Mix by Smackos & Voltagio *** Also for background music when reading the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE

Read the cyberzine here: http://www.legowelt.org/shadowwolfissue3.html

Ich habe bei Soundcloud gerne Legowelt – Wiebel Track 1995ish von Legowelt Official gehört.

Another techno-ish track that was floating around on a tape
Probably from around 1995- 1996
Casio CZ101 portamento mono mode with
drums most likely from the Roland MKS100 sampler

Ich habe bei Soundcloud gerne Legowelt – Macho Gym (2001ish) von Legowelt Official gehört.

Found this last week lonely floating around on a cassette going through some archives. A darkroom cruising classic, especially in Gotenborg and parts of Scandinavia but it was never released, or at least not that I know off. Must have been around 2001/2002.

A great sleazy track for pumping iron or to play at car repair shops while fixing your car smeared with motor oil.

Roland R8MkII drummachine and probably Clavia Nordrack cause thats what everybody used back in those days. The phasing „tape“ effect was achieved by putting the R8 through a MXR phase 90 clone.