Ich habe bei Soundcloud gerne Creme Podcast #28 – Legowelt – The Infinity Quadrant Exploration Team Reveals A New Map von Creme Organization gehört.

The narrative of ancient and forgotten civilizations is no longer subject to the boundaries of space and time, but can be visited at will through various Vaporization techniques that unlock the fabled Nomious Compressor to acces alternate realities. Thus are the journeys of Legowelt, who – unencumbered by the chains that hold down average mortals – floats defiantly across those extra-sensorial planes plucking the flowers of knowledge, tasting the fruits of wisdom and collecting hella Astral Airmiles in the meantime.
Lucky for us this is far from a selfish endeavor and we are all invited to join the King of Flatbread Meditation in his quest to embrace the infinity within. Winning is easy. All you have to do is press play..