2022-11-26: Autumn

2022-11-23: Guten Morgen!

2022-11-19: Paradox of our time Paradox of our time: On the one hand, so many people see their individual (consumer) needs as the …

2022-11-18: Captain Obvious

2022-11-18: Tunnel

2022-11-13: Eifel

2022-11-13: Sunrise 2

2022-11-13: Sunrise

2022-11-09: Green November

2022-11-09: Perpetuum mobile

2022-11-09: Full moon in the morning

2022-11-07: How the language you speak influences your perception of time and space Is the future ahead or behind us? Does spent time look like a line or a bottle? Do you speak in the …

2022-11-06: Micro Forest

2022-11-06: Licht

2022-11-05: autumn sun

2022-11-03: Inflation – lessons learnt from current events Perhaps we should think again about inflation. This is important for the big and expensive projects …

2022-11-02: Sheep